These Dark Secrets

*Synopsis May change*

The Second instalment in the Realm Jumpers Series

After fleeing their realm in search of another, Joseph Price and his group have little choice where to go. After finding themselves in a new domain and with a new life, they must navigate this new place, and understand what their purpose it in the modern world.

Upon finding out a secret that one of the group has been holding for many years, Joseph is whisked into an unknown land of confusion and magic. Unable to escape its grip.

Like it was fate.

With some new faces and equal amounts of judgements, Joseph must find it in his soul to figure out what is causing the many disasters in this new realm and stop it.

He knew magic was to blame but was ultimately powerless to stop it.

Bringing back magic to the new realm was the best way forward. But there was a catch. Each realm has a different approach to return their magic. And it wouldn’t be that easy to bring it back to this realm.

However, with new information coming from a mysterious patron, they soon realise that they have to bring magic back to every realm. The only problem is that they are stranded in this realm… with no way of leaving.