Project History

He is agent #256.

Now he has to find his way home.

In the near future scientists have begun a secret project – something they dub as ‘a way to know everything’

The project entails the scientists to enhance the subjects lives and extends it, making them functionally immortal until their point of return to their time, they then have to send subjects back in time to the dawn of all things historical. Only for the subjects to come back to their time and deliver everything they have learned… the only problem?

No one has ever returned.

That could be one of two things:

They could be dying and the life enhancements aren’t working.

Or someone is sabotaging the experiments.

Eighteen-year-old student Finnley Kirkman takes on the job because it’s good money… little did he know what the job entails.

Months of trials to be ready for this experiment, only to be sent back millions of years, and live through everything, writing everything down, documenting the historical points in time.

But with every passing year, Finnley begins to realise why no one ever returned.

And that reason may be coming to get him next. Searching for the best chance to pounce.

Now he is on the run, a game against the clock to get back to his time and save himself from destruction and his mind from insanity.