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What I want to do this month – March 2020

Hello everyone! Long-time no speak. I cannot say for sure why I have been away, just general life getting in the way and lots of other things too. Nothing too exciting though. Well, apart from finishing my book Alpha of Glass and starting on the rewrites since January of this year. I just wanted to… Continue reading What I want to do this month – March 2020


10 Best Christmas Traditions For The Whole Family

Ah, the holiday season. Love, gift giving, food, gift giving, Christmas Dinner, gift giving! There is so many different way to celebrate it and spend time with family that you might not think of straight away. Many of us would think toasty warm nights with tonnes of hot chocolate and gifts, cosy socks and snow,… Continue reading 10 Best Christmas Traditions For The Whole Family

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31 Days of Writing – Day 10

Hello everyone, So today, I did an awful lot – and not just writing either. I had a job interview today and boy, was I nervous. It’s the first interview I have had in two years – for a promotion on my current job, I just hope I did well. Now, onto the writing. Editing… Continue reading 31 Days of Writing – Day 10


A Note for Future Me

Dear me, It's been a while since I wrote anything remotely interesting that would grab my fancy actually to read back and listen to it and I know currently, you feel this too. But recently, we both know you have been going through a lot, stuff in your life that you cannot precisely help or… Continue reading A Note for Future Me