Alpha of Lies

The show stopping second book in the Shattered Illusions Series

Mock up cover for Alpha of Lies – official cover coming soon!

One month after the realisation that the prophecy has started, Kieran must work tooth and nail to stop the uprising from unfolding.

But with the introduction of more and more species coming from the wild and the ongoing issue of Kieran’s dreams becoming too much for him to handle, the pack realises they have to tap into unknown stories to find the real meaning and reasons for why the prophecy exists and if there are real ways to stop it. But with the cold stalking of Melody and an unknown assailant on their tracks, Kieran finds himself biting off way more than he can chew.

And with more and more people coming to Kieran for help and lots of people going missing in unknown circumstances – it would seem that the uprising is already happening.

Will it cause the Alpha of Glass to harden up like crystal or shatter and crack into a million pieces under the pressure?