Alpha of Glass

The First book in the Shattered Illusions Series

Mates are overrated. Or so Kieran thought.

What would you do if your entire life was turned upside down in a single night for something you cannot control? Now, what would you do if it was your actions that lead you to this point? Then what?

It was only supposed to be a two-part checklist; the rules were simple, bring his packmate back to the pack to be punished for running away and breaking their laws. But when things start to go from bad to worse, Kieran must do everything in his power to get his friend home.

Going against every rule, law and moral he believes in, Kieran has to live in the human world, as a human.

But when something crops up and puts a spanner into the works of the plan, Kieran may have to stay longer and become more invested in the story, and the people around him.

And one person, in particular, keeps watching from the shadows, ready to make their first move, and it is not a move that Kieran wants to make.

Secrets. Rules. Myths. Being an alpha in waiting is hard enough, but when Kieran begins walking in a room full of glass and shattered dreams, things become a whole lot harder.

Everyone in Morestoke has a Secret, they are all just patiently waiting for their turn to be told.

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