31 Days of Writing – Day 5

Hello everyone, so this is day five (sorry I have not uploaded this in two days) you will see an influx of posts today and tomorrow to update you for the days I missed.

 So today, I took a step back and read through my old work, books like These Fated Secrets – which I wrote back in 2016 – just to have some nostalgic moments with my writing so I can see how I have improved.

There are times that you just have to take a step back and reflect of how far you have come – I stated writing short stories at 10 and I look back at them and cringe, but I have kept them all, the reason is because I CAN look back at them and see how I have improved.

These Fated Secrets is on the most diverse books I have written, the storyline is one of the most plotted out and lore driven, the reason is because I spent YEARS writing this – from when I was around 11 years old until now at 21! And finally, after ten years of different ideas, characters and plot lines, I am finally happy with the way it is. All I need to do is add a few more scenes, flesh out characters a tad bit more and then it should be… perfect, if there ever is such a thing!

So today, I did not do much writing, but more I reflected on where I came from and where I am now. I am going to be working on the editing of These Fated Secrets over the next few days, planning those changes out and then finally, FINALLY, implementing them.


Hope you all have a great day/night!


These Fated Secrets

Hello everyone,

Today I am here to let you know about my book, Fated Secrets.

This book is about outlawed magic and a band of fighters who can use said magic trying to release it back into the world so they can be free.

Let me share the synopsis with you!

For centuries, towns have debated the validity of magic. Some have lived in fear of the seemingly evil phenomena. Others believe it’s a natural part of life, filled with beauty and wonder. The only problem is, the village elders banished magic from the Gahr Kingdom two decades ago to ensure of the safety of all citizens…but not everyone adhered to those rules and The Hunter’s Guild aims to eradicate the problem for good.

Fifteen-year-old Joseph Price sees the Hunter’s Guild as the dividing line between fun, family, and an untimely death. So, when the ceremony, celebrating those that passed comes around, he is taken aback to find himself standing in the winner’s circle – the place he never imagined he’d be. The night that follows comes to an abrupt stop that catapults the recruits into a whirlwind of drama.

Someone has used magic to commit treason, and now they must pay for their wrongdoing.

As the execution nears, Joseph is faced with a moral dilemma: follow the expected path and join an altruistic group to change the world for the better or continue in an unknown world with no guarantee of what the future will hold for him.

Will his unexpected journey restore peace, love, and understanding in the world or will it push the world to its breaking point?

So, sound interesting? I will be creating a few blog posts about me editing this book in the coming weeks just so that I can inform you of changes occurring!

I started writing Fated Secrets in 2012 but finished writing it in 2016 – ever since it has been uploaded onto Wattpad and has over 1.3 million reads!

I want to go back to my roots and rewrite this as I really wish to get it published, either traditional or self published – I don’t mind!

Let me know what you think about this book and if you would be interested to read it!

I will be showing you over the next few days, a few quotes from the book to share the world I have written!

Hope this is all okay with you!

Thanks for reading,


31 Days of Writing – Day 4

 Hello lovelies,

This is day four of 31 days of writing, and boy do I have some exciting news. 15,000 words! I hit 15,000 words, this is the goal that I wanted to reach but was not sure if I would make it.

But I was writing pretty much most of the evening last night and this evening as well, I am hoping eventually for this to be my full time job (the writing and publishing books) so that I can spend much longer on my craft and really enjoy writing again.

Not that I don’t already, but it would give me way more freedom to do it whenever I wanted to.

That being said, I know it will take time, effort and a lot, and I mean a lot of writing – but I have that down already.

Recently I have come up with a new idea for a book, I know, I know, I’m already writing one and that takes a lot of work, but this book came to me last night whilst I was in bed and I could not stop thinking about it or even planning it for that matter.

I’ll share the synopsis I wrote last night.

He is agent #256.

Now he has to find his way home.

In the near future scientists have begun a secret project – something they dub as ‘a way to know everything’

The project entails the scientists to enhance the subjects lives and extends it, making them functionally immortal until their point of return to their time, they then have to send subjects back in time to the dawn of all things historical. Only for the subjects to come back to their time and deliver everything they have learned… the only problem?

No one has ever returned.

That could be one of two things:

They could be dying and the life enhancements aren’t working.

Or someone is sabotaging the experiments. 

Eighteen-year-old student Finnley Kirkman takes on the job because it’s good money… little did he know what the job entails.

Months of trials to be ready for this experiment, only to be sent back millions of years, and live through everything, writing everything down, documenting the historical points in time.

But with every passing year, Finnley begins to realise why no one ever returned.

And that reason may be coming to get him next. Searching for the best chance to pounce.

Now he is on the run, a game against the clock to get back to his time and save himself from destruction and his mind from insanity.

Now, it seems like a really interesting idea that I am super excited to start writing eventually, but writing the synopsis really gave me that extra push to write it. So I think, this is going to be the next book I write, so stay tuned as I will be updating you with more developments soon – including a cover reveal and name!

What will I do tomorrow?

Tomorrow I hope to gain a few more thousand words, maybe not to 20,000 as I don’t want to burn out but I want to make sure I keep pace and make sure I don’t get bored of the idea as I have come very far with this book series and would hate to lose traction with it.

I’ll keep you informed, but for now, that’s it for day four, I was at work for most of the day so I haven’t really got much done so far, apart for those five thousand words… is that a lot? Hmmm, I’d say so!

Thank you so much for reading,


How 2020 will change my writing

I have recently come up with a new idea for a book.

A groundbreaking idea, the idea that could rock the world I live in. The one that could start everything off for me.

My only problem? It’s all in my head, and I’m too scared to write it down for fear that I could change or ruin this perfect idea.

Now, there are many other books that I have written in the past, some completed… some left on the shelf to wait literally forever to be picked up again—only to be placed back on that shelf for some new model or idea rolling around in my head.

But this one has been with me for a while, my thoughts, my dreams, even my conversations with friends or work colleagues. It just will not go away… not that I want it to, oh boy, no.

You see, I am a writer by trade and mind, and when I find an idea that I just love and want to write, I will quite literally jump at the chance to plot and plan this. And I have with this idea—I have planned and plotted and developed, both in my head and on my laptop. But when it comes to writing it down as the story I envision every day, I am hesitant in case I ruin it or do something wrong.

This book is all about time, and the construct of immortality and how it would affect a human mind to live forever in an ever unchanging body whilst the rest of the world goes on and on around the character. This is not a book set in the future, however. It is set in both the present and the past—specifically, the main character is sent back to the dawn of humanity and must “record” (literally) everything about history. My issue with that—is with the amount of history I have to research. It scares me as it dawns on me that I may get this entirely wrong.

2020 will be my year, I say as I drink a glass of red wine with my family—neglecting to realise that I would probably regret that extra glass. I didn’t, thankfully. But it did resonate something. 2020 WILL be my year.

I will finally get this book written and not only that, get it edited and on the wonderful place we call Amazon! Something I have wanted to do for many, many years.

I will keep updating people on here as things go along, and who knows, I may even share some of the wonderful characters that I have created throughout this.

Until next time,


A Note for Future Me

Dear me,

It’s been a while since I wrote anything remotely interesting that would grab my fancy actually to read back and listen to it and I know currently, you feel this too. But recently, we both know you have been going through a lot, stuff in your life that you cannot precisely help or force to change.

We both know you are not happy where you currently are in life, you had your first therapy session yesterday. I would implore you to read this back in a few months… did it help? If so, how? If not, what are you doing now to change your life and battle the demons that are currently taking hold over everything?

I, personally would like to say I hope we get better and back to feeling normal. I know we miss how life used to be so good. How we used to go out with friends and family every week, and now we stay in bed and watch Netflix. That is no life to live, but you are living it now.

I sincerely hope you give this a read over when you are ready because while writing this I am watching YouTube, sipping on that 18 pence lemonade that we love to scrimp and save over and eating a double-decker. I hope next time you read this, you have gone out, you have done something that you wanted to do that day. Maybe it is just going to town to buy something nice for yourself, or perhaps you can have a nice phone call with a friend.

Even going out and eating something nice that would be a big step, going out with mum or even going down to see your partner—all would be a big step. And you can do it, I know you can—it’s the little things you need to conquer first.

Whatever it is – we have to get to the point where we can feel confident to enjoy the time we have. Because if we do not enjoy it, there is no joy.

We have taken the first steps and planted the seeds to get better, I suppose now, and for the future, it’s letting them grow and flourish. Just remember water them with care, by this, I mean, take care of yourself.

We both know you want to, and currently, I know this seems impossible, but you will get through this, you have before. There are double rainbows in the sky for you; you have to shift your perception of life to see them.

I swear down, it will get better. You have to take time, try and most importantly: enjoy doing it. I know you can do it.

If for some reason you never read this back—I assume life did get better, if I am wrong – just know with time, it will. Go get your life back on track!

Your’s lovingly,


31 Days of Writing – Day 3

Hello loveliest,

Man has today already been interesting, I have made it to 8,000 words and it’s not even 8 o’clock, granted I have been awake since 6, but 1,000 words and a bit in 1 hour is really not that bad!

I hope to get to 10,000 by the end of the day but will make a further update later on to let you all know how its going!

Hope you all have a great day!


December plans – 31 days of writing – Day 2

Hello you lovely lot,

Today is day two of 31 days of writing, and I’ll be honest, I’ve not done much writing. I went out on a date so I have been very preoccupied.

But yesterday proved to be a very fruitful day.

I hit 6,000 words rather than the projected 5,000 so I am super proud of that, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that today, I have written nothing, but oh well, there is always tomorrow.

My plans for tomorrow is to reach 10,000 words, but I may have to be reaching for that as I am at work tomorrow ALL day, joys of havign a full time job and writing as well, it’s a lot of work.

I am sorry that it’s a short blog post for today but nothing much has really hapepned.

I just hope that this date went well, something could come from it maybe? I’ll update you.

I know it’s my persoanl life, but I want you to know what is going on even if it’s not just about wriitng, I want to gain a following and friends through this so the more you know, the more connected you’ll feel.

Hope you all have a great day!


My Experiences with Wattpad and Inkitt

Hello you lovely people,

I have been thinking about writing this for a while now, but I want to share my experiences with a few different online readership sites like Wattpad and Inkitt.

Wattpad is one of the leading reader and writer websites out there to read free works that is created by it’s users – I have been on Wattpad.com for over 7 years on and off, and I have seen it change so much. I tried so hard to get a readership, and it always failed mainly because there was so many other books on the site and the competition was high.

Until 2017 when one of my books was ‘featured’ on a list and it gained a lot more readers than it would without it. Along with that, my profile gained a lot of followers as well, so far – my book. (Written under my real name) can still be found on the website, and has just over 1.3million reads.

But what does that mean?

It does not actually mean that 1.3 million people have read the book, no, but it does mean that an awful lot of people did, but that was over two years ago – and with the amount of books on that site, the success dried up and no one read the books I put out after – a bit disappointing, but that is the way that Wattpad works. It is primarily fan fiction at the moment (in my own opinion) but then again, it always has been. From One Direction to KPOP stars… and a lot of themes that you could not believe that someone would actually write or even allow on the website!

That is where I found Inkitt and I have been using it ever since.

Inkitt is exactly like Wattpad, the only difference it is completely free *for the time being, who know what the future may bring* – I use inkitt to motivate myself to write, it shows daily stats at how many people have opened your book and read the proceeding chapters you have uploaded.

Different from Wattpad, Inkitt has to approve any books put onto the website BEFORE people can see them, providing they don’t follow you. Whereas Wattpad approves every single book – so you could literally write absolute rubbish and upload it and gain reads.

Now, please don’t mistake me for hating on Wattpad – I still like it as a website, but as anything that is almost over 10 years old. *it may be older*

Wow, it’s actually 12 years old, almost 13! Happy birthday Wattpad.

Everything changes in time, and it is just very hard to gain reads on Wattpad without a decent following and whilst it really is not about numbers, it is nice to see that your book is doing well and for those who are new to the site it can be a motivator to keep writing.

Overall, I do like both website, and Inkitt is way newer than Wattpad – I suppose I have not been on the website long enough to really give a good enough review but it has helped me keep up with writing every single day and seeing that people are reading my writing, it feels good. Really good.

Hope I don’t step on any toes here, but thank you for reading.


My Coming Out Story

My coming out story was very, very, underwhelming
 but also very powerful.

Most people believe that they are going to get rainbows and bells ringing when they finally say what they have been wanting to for ages. But I knew exactly what people were going to say ‘we already knew’

I am camp. Not that if you would meet me in real life you would instantly know I was gay, I could be just a very camp straight guy. But the fact is, I am not. I am as gay as they come. I am not saying that camp equates to gay, but it does for myself. I am both camp and very gay.

When I came out, I came out to my mum first (I was more scared of my dad’s reaction). I sat her down, I had wanted to do it for years, tell her. Get it out into the open, but each time I had even the slightest bit of opportunity, I crumbled and said things that I really did not want to in order to keep my ‘secret’ from coming out, when all I wanted it to be was out into the open.

When I finally said it, I was elated. Scared, but elated that I had finally said it. There was no going back now, that was what scared me. She was fine, perfectly fine. I had expected her to be, there was no reason why she wouldn’t, and we had other people in the family who were gay or lesbian, even transgender, so I had no worries.

She hugged me and told me she loved me and that whatever I was, I would always be her son. Which made me feel proud of myself for coming out. I had a boyfriend at the time and let her know who he was (more on that in another post). And I went to bed, nothing had changed, no bells ringing, no confetti, no rainbow. Just myself, and you know what, I was happy enough with that. I still had a roof over my head, a family who loves me, I had more than others in my situation. I could not complain.

We told my dad the next day, I was so nervous, so scared, so… anxious, those three words pretty much mean the same, but it was how I felt, I could not put a word to it. And when I was stood in front of him to tell him (my mum and dad are divorced) he already knew what I was going to say, but just wanted me to say it. When I did, he broke down and hugged me, told me he was proud of me and that was that. Again, no difference. Nothing, I was still me, I was just out in the open, no more lies. Nothing at all. I could finally be myself.

And god, have I. Though, I have never been to gay pride, I do not like crowds, and I always pride myself on my identity every day. I may go to a gay pride one day, but that will be on my own terms. I have now been out for 5 years and I could not be happier with who I am and what I am doing in life.

Whilst I wish I had come out sooner, there were a few things I wish I could change, I am happy now in the knowledge that I never have to hide who I am ever again, not that I really have too… I think the camp mannerisms and my voice alone gives off the impression that I am who I am.

Thank you so much for reading,


December plans – 31 days of writing – Day 1

Hello everyone, so it’s the first day of December and I just want to put down my plans for this December, and it’s going to be amazing!

So, as some of you might know, I am writing the second book in my series’ – The Shattered illusions series – Throne of Embers, and it’s currently stuck on the chapter one title – no words have really been written, but this December I plan to finish writing this book – which means a lot of planning.

Throne of Embers unofficial book cover

I will be updating you all on this as I go, but I am super excited to keep writing this series – which I actually have not planned how many books there will be *I’m thinking it could be a trilogy, but it might be longer depending on how this book ends*

I usually plan out my books, but I thought I would try to write a book/series where I did NO PLANNING what so ever. And so far, it’ working out, I know I am going to have to plan some things in the book, but so far with the amount of planning I am doing, its working out fine.

The books are werewolf/romance/mystery with LGBT characters woven through the pages – so If that is something you are interested in, you might like them.

So for day one of December, I hope to reach 5,000 words, and I will be updating daily with my word counts (projected and actual) so you can be part of the magic and are aware about game changing plot points!

Why am I doing this?

Alpha of Glass unofficial book cover

I am doing a challenge called the no plan book writing, I am not sure if anyone else does it, and it probably needs a better and catchier name, but it’s basically just writing a whole book with little to no planning involved – you just let the ideas come to you as you write, which can make an interesting and sometime painstakingly long process to write a book.

Both Alpha of Glass and Throne of Embers will follow this challenge – and I can only plan when I am writing the second and third drafts, which is when I really do have to plan as I am fleshing out things and making it far more readable.

So keep an eye out for more of my posts as I will be posting every single day in December to update you on my next writing project!

Follow this blog so you never miss a post!

Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day!