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What I want to do this month – March 2020

Hello everyone!

Long-time no speak. I cannot say for sure why I have been away, just general life getting in the way and lots of other things too. Nothing too exciting though. Well, apart from finishing my book Alpha of Glass and starting on the rewrites since January of this year.

I just wanted to update you all on what I want to do this month – and so you know what I will be doing up until the end of the year.

Sequel to Alpha of Glass

Number 1: To start writing the sequel for Alpha of Glass.

I have wanted to start this sequel for a while but writers block got in the way, amongst other personal things that I could not stop. But I really want to properly start writing this so that I can get the ball rolling for the rest of the series.

Number 2: Look at all my old projects and prioritise them.

I have around 60 unfinished ideas and projects that I just write a few chapters on to get them written down and eventually I will go back to them. BUT a lot of the time, they just end up on the shelf and do not get any development on them whatsoever. So, right now, I want to go through them all and see what I want to write the most out of the amount of book I have and prioritise them between what I want to write the most and what can wait for a while. But I am not a quitter, I want to finish all of these books: I know, it’s a big thing, but like I say, I’m no quitter. Once I start something, I want to finish it to the best of my ability.

Number 3: Start a community for authors and writers alike to help others who need it.

This blog: is just for my writing updates and eventually will be used as my author page and portfolio, I suppose it is now. But I want to gain a following on here of people who are interested in my work before I even think about publishing my books for the public. But I want to use my blog aspect of this to give advice and to share my own journey through the weird and strange publishing world. And this starts now, really. So if you see this: SAY HELLO!

Number 4: Be more consistent!

This is a given. If I want people to be interested in my works, then I need to be consistent, on most social media’s and of course my website too!

If you feel inclined enough do follow my social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You won’t regret it.

Number 5: Make my website more unique to me and myself.

Another given, I will be working on this later on in the month. I just want to get everything else sorted out first.

I hope you stick with me, it is really appreciated.



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