Bedevilled: The Silver Mirror

Hello everyone,

I have recently found a very old book of mine – I wanted to share the synopsis to see if people would enjoy it!

Leave your comments down below!

Bedevilled: The Silver Mirror

Tanner is the first male born into the Broderick Family for generations and while many would be thrilled at the pitter patter of their son’s little feet running ruckus about the home. Tanner’s parents are all but happy.

They are worried.

For a curse sits over the Broderick family by the woman that ruined their family centuries back.

The next male born to a Broderick spawn would be possessed on his eighteenth birthday and reign terror among the entire realm.

Tanner’s parents are sceptical, but when Tanner finds out about the curse through an old notebook written by the one who killed the woman, he realises his real power and potential to stop this curse once and for all.

It will take him on a journey to vast lands and develop his life into something he did not believe possible before.

All it takes is one step.

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