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31 Days of Writing – Day 10

Hello everyone,

So today, I did an awful lot – and not just writing either.

I had a job interview today and boy, was I nervous.

It’s the first interview I have had in two years – for a promotion on my current job, I just hope I did well.

Now, onto the writing.

Editing for These Fated Secrets is going well, I have added three more chapters to the roster for the plan, so that brings me to eight extra chapters planned – I just need to write them now!

Boy is it dark.

The characters are getting more and more developed and the lore of the book is becoming more fleshed out and darker every word written. I just hope that it all will flow together, I suppose I will see once I have written them. I can always go back and change things later.

The main characters are Joseph, Alex, Caulan and Freda, there are a few supporting characters (that in later books will become mains) Grayson, Jerry, Dana and Maura.

The book follows the same premise as it does here – read more about the synopsis.

But the lore is far more planned out and the reason for the Hunter’s guilds are explained as well! Plus another Part added onto the story about a secret I have been wanting to add into the books for a while but never knew how to.

Well, I have figured that out.


Keep an eye out for Day 11, as I will be telling you more about that a bit later (spoiler free)

Hope you have a great day!


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