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31 Days of Writing – Day 9

Hello everyone,

So it’s day nine of 31 days of writing and even though it is only 12pm, I’ve already got a lot of writing done.

Yes, I am making up for the disaster that was… yesterday.

So today, I planned a number of changes for These Fated Secrets – meaning that now, I have some planned out chapters to add onto the 53 that I already have written.

The book in it’s current form is 60k words, but I want to at least get it to 80k – maybe 75k. So that adds a few more chapters and character development + more time in the actual story.

In the current version, everything happens within a matter of days, and to be fair, it’s meant to be a quick adventure due to the incoming issues ahead of the characters – but I want to add more lore to the story and make sure that everything flows well.

So, that is what I am doing right now, I have planned out about  5 chapters planned to add already, but things change and I might change my plans later on. For now, however, I am happy wih theb way this is going.

It’s hopefully going to make the story a better one and far more dark than it was before (which is my main goal)

It’s been called in the past – like a darker Disney, which I feel is a very high compliment in my eyes. I love Disney.

So I will be doing this for the next couple of days but I will update you about it as well!

Hope you all have a great day!


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