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31 Days of Writing – Day 6

Hello everyone,

So today is day six of writing for 31 days, and today was a good day for writing, I was working for most of the day but as soon as I got home – I wrote *drumroll* 1500 words, just about.

The two projects that I am writing at the moment are Throne of Embers which is the second book in the Shattered Illusions series – a book about a human becoming part of a world that he did not know existed and being thrown straight into the issues and misdemeanours of the people hidden within.

And These Fated Secrets – the first book in the Realm Jumpers Series – a book about character in a world where magic is outlawed, where magical people and creatures can be killed for their powers and the main character just happens to be magical – the book is about him trying to bring magic back to the world so he and a little band of fighters can be safe once more.

And so far, these two projects are going well, I am writing Throne of Embers and editing These Fated Secrets – getting it ready for possible publication!

More on that soon!

So today, I have made some good progress! I am wanting to take a bit of a creative break from Throne of Embers, however, due to the fact that I have been writing the series none stop for three months and I am becoming drained. I want to focus on The Realm Jumpers series – which was my favourite piece of writing back three years ago!

Hope that you have a great weekend! More coming tomorrow!


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