31 days of writing

31 Days of Writing – Day 5

Hello everyone, so this is day five (sorry I have not uploaded this in two days) you will see an influx of posts today and tomorrow to update you for the days I missed.

 So today, I took a step back and read through my old work, books like These Fated Secrets – which I wrote back in 2016 – just to have some nostalgic moments with my writing so I can see how I have improved.

There are times that you just have to take a step back and reflect of how far you have come – I stated writing short stories at 10 and I look back at them and cringe, but I have kept them all, the reason is because I CAN look back at them and see how I have improved.

These Fated Secrets is on the most diverse books I have written, the storyline is one of the most plotted out and lore driven, the reason is because I spent YEARS writing this – from when I was around 11 years old until now at 21! And finally, after ten years of different ideas, characters and plot lines, I am finally happy with the way it is. All I need to do is add a few more scenes, flesh out characters a tad bit more and then it should be… perfect, if there ever is such a thing!

So today, I did not do much writing, but more I reflected on where I came from and where I am now. I am going to be working on the editing of These Fated Secrets over the next few days, planning those changes out and then finally, FINALLY, implementing them.


Hope you all have a great day/night!


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