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These Fated Secrets

Hello everyone,

Today I am here to let you know about my book, Fated Secrets.

This book is about outlawed magic and a band of fighters who can use said magic trying to release it back into the world so they can be free.

Let me share the synopsis with you!

For centuries, towns have debated the validity of magic. Some have lived in fear of the seemingly evil phenomena. Others believe it’s a natural part of life, filled with beauty and wonder. The only problem is, the village elders banished magic from the Gahr Kingdom two decades ago to ensure of the safety of all citizens…but not everyone adhered to those rules and The Hunter’s Guild aims to eradicate the problem for good.

Fifteen-year-old Joseph Price sees the Hunter’s Guild as the dividing line between fun, family, and an untimely death. So, when the ceremony, celebrating those that passed comes around, he is taken aback to find himself standing in the winner’s circle – the place he never imagined he’d be. The night that follows comes to an abrupt stop that catapults the recruits into a whirlwind of drama.

Someone has used magic to commit treason, and now they must pay for their wrongdoing.

As the execution nears, Joseph is faced with a moral dilemma: follow the expected path and join an altruistic group to change the world for the better or continue in an unknown world with no guarantee of what the future will hold for him.

Will his unexpected journey restore peace, love, and understanding in the world or will it push the world to its breaking point?

So, sound interesting? I will be creating a few blog posts about me editing this book in the coming weeks just so that I can inform you of changes occurring!

I started writing Fated Secrets in 2012 but finished writing it in 2016 – ever since it has been uploaded onto Wattpad and has over 1.3 million reads!

I want to go back to my roots and rewrite this as I really wish to get it published, either traditional or self published – I don’t mind!

Let me know what you think about this book and if you would be interested to read it!

I will be showing you over the next few days, a few quotes from the book to share the world I have written!

Hope this is all okay with you!

Thanks for reading,


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