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How 2020 will change my writing

I have recently come up with a new idea for a book.

A groundbreaking idea, the idea that could rock the world I live in. The one that could start everything off for me.

My only problem? It’s all in my head, and I’m too scared to write it down for fear that I could change or ruin this perfect idea.

Now, there are many other books that I have written in the past, some completed… some left on the shelf to wait literally forever to be picked up again—only to be placed back on that shelf for some new model or idea rolling around in my head.

But this one has been with me for a while, my thoughts, my dreams, even my conversations with friends or work colleagues. It just will not go away… not that I want it to, oh boy, no.

You see, I am a writer by trade and mind, and when I find an idea that I just love and want to write, I will quite literally jump at the chance to plot and plan this. And I have with this idea—I have planned and plotted and developed, both in my head and on my laptop. But when it comes to writing it down as the story I envision every day, I am hesitant in case I ruin it or do something wrong.

This book is all about time, and the construct of immortality and how it would affect a human mind to live forever in an ever unchanging body whilst the rest of the world goes on and on around the character. This is not a book set in the future, however. It is set in both the present and the past—specifically, the main character is sent back to the dawn of humanity and must “record” (literally) everything about history. My issue with that—is with the amount of history I have to research. It scares me as it dawns on me that I may get this entirely wrong.

2020 will be my year, I say as I drink a glass of red wine with my family—neglecting to realise that I would probably regret that extra glass. I didn’t, thankfully. But it did resonate something. 2020 WILL be my year.

I will finally get this book written and not only that, get it edited and on the wonderful place we call Amazon! Something I have wanted to do for many, many years.

I will keep updating people on here as things go along, and who knows, I may even share some of the wonderful characters that I have created throughout this.

Until next time,


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