A Note for Future Me

Dear me,

It’s been a while since I wrote anything remotely interesting that would grab my fancy actually to read back and listen to it and I know currently, you feel this too. But recently, we both know you have been going through a lot, stuff in your life that you cannot precisely help or force to change.

We both know you are not happy where you currently are in life, you had your first therapy session yesterday. I would implore you to read this back in a few months… did it help? If so, how? If not, what are you doing now to change your life and battle the demons that are currently taking hold over everything?

I, personally would like to say I hope we get better and back to feeling normal. I know we miss how life used to be so good. How we used to go out with friends and family every week, and now we stay in bed and watch Netflix. That is no life to live, but you are living it now.

I sincerely hope you give this a read over when you are ready because while writing this I am watching YouTube, sipping on that 18 pence lemonade that we love to scrimp and save over and eating a double-decker. I hope next time you read this, you have gone out, you have done something that you wanted to do that day. Maybe it is just going to town to buy something nice for yourself, or perhaps you can have a nice phone call with a friend.

Even going out and eating something nice that would be a big step, going out with mum or even going down to see your partner—all would be a big step. And you can do it, I know you can—it’s the little things you need to conquer first.

Whatever it is – we have to get to the point where we can feel confident to enjoy the time we have. Because if we do not enjoy it, there is no joy.

We have taken the first steps and planted the seeds to get better, I suppose now, and for the future, it’s letting them grow and flourish. Just remember water them with care, by this, I mean, take care of yourself.

We both know you want to, and currently, I know this seems impossible, but you will get through this, you have before. There are double rainbows in the sky for you; you have to shift your perception of life to see them.

I swear down, it will get better. You have to take time, try and most importantly: enjoy doing it. I know you can do it.

If for some reason you never read this back—I assume life did get better, if I am wrong – just know with time, it will. Go get your life back on track!

Your’s lovingly,


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