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My Experiences with Wattpad and Inkitt

Hello you lovely people,

I have been thinking about writing this for a while now, but I want to share my experiences with a few different online readership sites like Wattpad and Inkitt.

Wattpad is one of the leading reader and writer websites out there to read free works that is created by it’s users – I have been on Wattpad.com for over 7 years on and off, and I have seen it change so much. I tried so hard to get a readership, and it always failed mainly because there was so many other books on the site and the competition was high.

Until 2017 when one of my books was ‘featured’ on a list and it gained a lot more readers than it would without it. Along with that, my profile gained a lot of followers as well, so far – my book. (Written under my real name) can still be found on the website, and has just over 1.3million reads.

But what does that mean?

It does not actually mean that 1.3 million people have read the book, no, but it does mean that an awful lot of people did, but that was over two years ago – and with the amount of books on that site, the success dried up and no one read the books I put out after – a bit disappointing, but that is the way that Wattpad works. It is primarily fan fiction at the moment (in my own opinion) but then again, it always has been. From One Direction to KPOP stars… and a lot of themes that you could not believe that someone would actually write or even allow on the website!

That is where I found Inkitt and I have been using it ever since.

Inkitt is exactly like Wattpad, the only difference it is completely free *for the time being, who know what the future may bring* – I use inkitt to motivate myself to write, it shows daily stats at how many people have opened your book and read the proceeding chapters you have uploaded.

Different from Wattpad, Inkitt has to approve any books put onto the website BEFORE people can see them, providing they don’t follow you. Whereas Wattpad approves every single book – so you could literally write absolute rubbish and upload it and gain reads.

Now, please don’t mistake me for hating on Wattpad – I still like it as a website, but as anything that is almost over 10 years old. *it may be older*

Wow, it’s actually 12 years old, almost 13! Happy birthday Wattpad.

Everything changes in time, and it is just very hard to gain reads on Wattpad without a decent following and whilst it really is not about numbers, it is nice to see that your book is doing well and for those who are new to the site it can be a motivator to keep writing.

Overall, I do like both website, and Inkitt is way newer than Wattpad – I suppose I have not been on the website long enough to really give a good enough review but it has helped me keep up with writing every single day and seeing that people are reading my writing, it feels good. Really good.

Hope I don’t step on any toes here, but thank you for reading.


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