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December plans – 31 days of writing – Day 1

Hello everyone, so it’s the first day of December and I just want to put down my plans for this December, and it’s going to be amazing!

So, as some of you might know, I am writing the second book in my series’ – The Shattered illusions series – Throne of Embers, and it’s currently stuck on the chapter one title – no words have really been written, but this December I plan to finish writing this book – which means a lot of planning.

Throne of Embers unofficial book cover

I will be updating you all on this as I go, but I am super excited to keep writing this series – which I actually have not planned how many books there will be *I’m thinking it could be a trilogy, but it might be longer depending on how this book ends*

I usually plan out my books, but I thought I would try to write a book/series where I did NO PLANNING what so ever. And so far, it’ working out, I know I am going to have to plan some things in the book, but so far with the amount of planning I am doing, its working out fine.

The books are werewolf/romance/mystery with LGBT characters woven through the pages – so If that is something you are interested in, you might like them.

So for day one of December, I hope to reach 5,000 words, and I will be updating daily with my word counts (projected and actual) so you can be part of the magic and are aware about game changing plot points!

Why am I doing this?

Alpha of Glass unofficial book cover

I am doing a challenge called the no plan book writing, I am not sure if anyone else does it, and it probably needs a better and catchier name, but it’s basically just writing a whole book with little to no planning involved – you just let the ideas come to you as you write, which can make an interesting and sometime painstakingly long process to write a book.

Both Alpha of Glass and Throne of Embers will follow this challenge – and I can only plan when I am writing the second and third drafts, which is when I really do have to plan as I am fleshing out things and making it far more readable.

So keep an eye out for more of my posts as I will be posting every single day in December to update you on my next writing project!

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Thank you so much for reading and have a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “December plans – 31 days of writing – Day 1”

    1. Yeah I just thought I’d keep up with writing after Nano as I was really motivated to write. And its always about writing, even if it’s just what my day was like, there are days where I literally do not want to write AT ALL! but I do it just to make sure I don’t lose that motivation I worked so hard to get!


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